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, thank you. >> we are now on item 8, which is 181 fremont street. third presentation in 16 hours so karen brodak before you on 181 fremont street. the item before you is discussion and possible action to recommend to the planning commission the net shadow pr proposed 181 fremont will not have adverse impact on use of union square pursuant to planning code section 295, the sunlight ordinance. b, portion be allocated to the proposed project 181 fremont street and adopt finding under the california environmental quality act and adopt mitigation monitoring and reporting. we presented this item for review at the capital committee. we are speaking on the same presentation. we provided a bit more information as you received, an additional attachment under attachment e. you received updated exhibit 1 also under e. so full packet should be available to you. i should be able to do a presentation. joined by kevin guy from the planning department. if you have questions for him as well. thank you. >> as you can see this is a map of the transit center district plan that this commission also reviewed wi
just a few scattered showers into fremont and the south bay. look at that pink. that's a mix of rain and snowfalling over the higher elevations. i'll have a look at what you can expect for your friday and the weekend coming up. good morning sal. >>> good morning. right now 2:37. traffic looks good crossing 880 as you drive over to 101. should be a nice drive but it's a little bit wet from the overnight rain. 680 traffic looks good. 5 o o'clock. let's go back to the desk. >>> well, that sound may have jolted you out of bed overnight, the sound of hail. we took this video of marble sized hail falling in the east bay, you can see large sections of the road were definitely iced over. the sound of thunder and some lightning causing a restless night for many in the bay area. drivers facing the slick roads this morning. ktvu's tara moriarty is out there on 880 where the road opened just a little while ago. >> reporter: we're at 880 and traffic is back to normal but between the hours of 2 and 4:00 this morning there were major back ups. officials say the rain slicked road play add big factor
fremont street under planning code sections for the theoriesation of change in conditions of approval. be presented by cory teague. >> good afternoon president fong and commissioners. cory teague staff. this is a request for extension for 340 fremont street which you heard informational update earlier today. the planning commission approved this project in june 2006 to demolish the existing buildings and develop 400-foot tall building, 290,000 square feet and 332 dwelling units and parking spaces. no changes are proposed to the original project as it was originally approved other than the erks terior design changes and other minor alterations that were presented to you earlier today. there were multiple extensions granted in the past and rincon hill it was required to come back every year and they're back before you again for another extension and in regards to public comment the department did receive one letter of opposition from a neighbor that did not support the extension. it is important to know that the project sponsors have a permit on file and recently filed in august
, november 5. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. breaking news in fremont. >> a major street blocked after a deadly police shooting this morning. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington explains the shooting began with a domestic violence call. she has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. central avenue is closed while police investigate this officer- involved shooting and you can't see the house where this happened, but if you look down central avenue where those flashing lights are, that's where police killed a man late last night when responding to a domestic violence call. it happened on the 4500 block of central avenue in fremont. a woman called 911 at around 11:00 saying her roommate was being attacked. when police arrived, it was quite a dramatic scene. a woman came running out of the house. behind her, her estranged husband. he was naked and chasing her with a knife. >> officers arrived and found a female later identified as our victim running out of the unit with her husband pursuing her. he was naked with a knife in his hand. officers demanded that the
that will place you item 10340 fremont street. informational item. >> good afternoon. cory teague for staff. the nininng commission first approved this in january, 2006 for several projects proposed under the rincon plan and one building height of four hadn't feet and 332 dwelling units and off space parking spaces and no commercial on the ground floor. the planning commission will consider a request for extension later in the calendar but the presentation today is intended to update the commission on the current design for the project and improvements to the exterior of the project. it includes slight increase of units to 338. a decrease in parking spaces to 269 with the majority of those in stackers. a minor alteration at the rear of the podium building and continue to have nor commercial space within the building. the project sponsor will present the changes in detail and available for questions or comments. i will turn it over to them. thanks. >> good afternoon president fong. good afternoon planning commissioners. i am edward mercy and here representing jackson pacific. my co
mother's life. problem is that it could >>>cu fremont police would le to hear from you if if you know this woman. she approached a home soon after a ups delivery. there she goes, taking a package with canned goods left for collection. so, what to do? if you're going to be out of town, police department in fremont is promoting a courtesy security check to make sure your home is safe. >> volunteers provide checks. anybody can sign up for it. we're really prom yettin yetting -- promoting it this week. >> you can find more about the service and how to sign up on our web site. in oakland police say they used cell phone tracking technologies to make three arrests in connection with armed robberies. the thieves made off with victim's cell phones and tracking applications helped police quickly recover the stolen phones. >> this report may want you want to learnmefzx cpr. a teenager able to save her mother's life thanks to a program at fremont high school. tonight, the city behind the story what. doctors say is a miracle. >> everyone, i never thought i would be my own mother. >> the 17-year-ol
with developing news in fremont, where emergency responders are preparing to pull a body out of a creek. police were called to alameda creek in sequoyah road at 8:30 where someone spotted the body floating in the water. crews brought in a boat to pull the victim out. we want to go to alex savidge at the scene for more. >> reporter: this investigation being handled by the alameda county sheriff's office. i did just get off the phone with the spokesman, he told me he didn't have any information on the condition of the body. we will show you the scene here. we are on the back side of the creek side apartments here where there obviously is a creek and this where that body was found, the body of a man partially in the water, the edge of the creek, found ought about 30 this morning. we will give you a look from chopper 2, video we shot earlier this morning of what the scene looks like. again the sheriff's office out here investigating, homicide detectives are here. essentially trying to piece together exactly how this man's body ended up in the watered, what the circumstances are surrounding this man
in fremont. police are on the scene of an officer involved shooting. we do have a news crew on the way to the scene and we'll have a live report coming up. but again officer involved shooting. >>> also overnight police are questioning a teenage driver after a bizarre accident in oakland. china town neighborhood. this is a live look another the damage left behind. look at that. crash scene 12th avenue and east 12th street. police say the teenager was trying to pick up his dad as a restaurant when he hit a fence and crossed 12th street and slammed into a fab lick store. the accident ruptured a water line as well. it does not appear that alcohol or drugs were a factor and say that the teenager may have mistaken the brakes for the gas. >>> today is the final full day of campaigning. president obama and republican nominee mitt romney are making their final appeal to voters. most polls are showing the presidential race in a dead heat. coming up in nine minutes what they are focusing on. supreme court has ordered an arizona group who worked behind an $11 election. governor jerry brown tax hik
, a fremont man is dead, shot and killed by police in a bizarre early- morning shooting. elissa harrington has the details. >> reporter: investigators carry large bags of evidence out of a fremont apartment building that was the scene of a bizarre officer-involved shooting. police shot and killed a naked knife-wielding man who was chasing his estranged wife on the 4500 block of central avenue. around 11:00 last night, the woman's roommate called police to report a domestic dispute. >> officers arrived and found a female who was later identified as our victim running out of the unit with her husband pursuing her. he was naked with a knife in his hand. officers demanded that the suspect stop, drop his weapon. >> reporter: police said he would not follow orders. so they shot him. the gunfire was so loud, it woke sleeping neighbors. >> i was in bed and my window was open and i heard about 5 gunshots go off. >> heard a woman faintly, you know, screaming. i'm not sure what she was saying. >> reporter: the suspect has been identified as a 37-year- old from san jose. he was pronounced dead at the hos
man shot and killed by fremont police last night have some sort of death wish? i'll have that story coming up. >>> and a mother's attempt to give her son a better view turned tragic. >>> and a live look. what a nice day in store for us which has already begun. looking out at san jose. maybe some haze there. we will have a full look at the forecast with christina. the news at 11:00 starts now. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. we begin with decision 2012 and the race for the white house. yes, one more day to go. the candidates making the final push in six swing states. >> in 25 minutes, president obama will be holding a rally in ohio. earlier this morning, he was in madison, wisconsin for another rally telling voters there, quote, it's time to finish what we started. the president will wind up election day eve in iowa. >> and meantime mitt romney is in virginia drumming up support there. he will soon head out to the richest prize, that, of course, being ohio. whoever takes ohio has a better shot to lock up that 270 electoral votes ne
for 340 fremont street. as mr. teague mentioned we are supporting now an informational presentation of the new design for 340 fremont street. our goals and reasons for electing to redesign a fully approved, fully compliant residential tower were three. the first one was an esthetic visual exterior enhancement or upgrade for the absence of doubt this is not the vex exercise to the contrary. it's attempt to bring a building that we thought was good to very good in terms of architectural design. the second reason since seven years passed since our original design we under took a significant effort in the under the hood areas of the building, primarily redesigning the structural system to be compliant with a more reason structural high rise code and practice and the third is redesigning each 348 residential units. just a small note on architecture. we conducted a national search for our architectural firm. we have a strong hire local bias but we have a strong need and desire to get the highest level of expertise available in esthetic design, in technical expertise and residential
alamo. hayward, whipple road, fremont, union city, nice radar returns along san mateo, redwood city, palo alto, 237 heading towards cupertino from page mill road and alpine road expect your rain to pick up, showers continue through 7:00, one last chance around noon then dry air during the afternoon, open up clouds, upper 50s coast, mid 60s the rest of us. be prepared this evening with lack of cloud cover it is going to cool quickly low to mid 50s by 7:00 dry and brighter thanksgiving low to mid 60s mid to upper 60s friday and saturday. >>> good morning. happy wednesday. hump day. short workweek for a lot of us light traffic as amy hollyfield was telling us at the bay bridge toll. wet and no metering lights, very light into san francisco. otherwise problems with standing water and a couple of accidents westbound 580 north livermore blocking left lane first reports eastbound 580 reverse, jacknifed big rig possibly blocking all lanes we'll check on that. otherwise, solo spin ott in oakland, south 880 at 980, taxi blocking two left lanes due to standing water. 101 both directions standi
orozco talked about a cell moving through the fremont area. you may see some wet roads and drizzle l in the area. and the morning commute is looking good here on the east shore freeway as you head out to the mcarthur maze. let's go back to dave and pam. it is 6:01. >>> but we continue with our storm watch coverage this morning. that's what a lot of people heard overnight, the skies opened up in the middle of the night. these are pictures from oakland, something that you might see driving in tahoe but it's in oakland. the roads iced over after marble sized hail fell over the east bay. >>> a ktvu news photographer took this video of the pounding rain just a few hours ago. chp warns there are slick highways everywhere you look in the bay area. you may run into puddles and should be especially careful heading to work this morning. >>> bad weather is being blamed for a large crash in fremont. the chp says a white saturn spun out, slammed into the median at 2:00 this morning. a silver suv came along and hit the saturn. the driver of the saturn was found outside the car suffering from a mas
. amy hollyfield is live in fremont. how is it going there? >> reporter: good morning. some have soggy trick-or-treaters last night wondering if you are going to have a soggy commute it is pretty wet out here. we came here to fremont because the storm looks like it is headed toward the fremont redwood city area we wanted to show you what it is looking like now. we did experience a steady rain. it has let up now for the moment but it does come and go the kind of rain where you want to grab your rain gear, umbrella, jacket put the kids raincoats on don't cancel the day. there's not driving winds, it is just a nice, steady rain. did check in with the chp. they said their number of calls has increased overnight, typical storm calls. people pointing outstanding water or couple of spin-outs. and they have dispatched cal trains to clear some storm drains so they can relieve the standing water. they want to get the word out there is some standing water out there the rain is coming on and off nothing too terrible, you can deal with it. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> san jose police officer puts
into livermore. this is police activity in fremont downtown central avenue closed between glenmore and logan avoid the area if possible. >>> new political battle brewing in the east bay. next, the war of words that has two candidates trading accusations. >>> noisey dispute on the peninsula. the vote expected today that could make one community a little quieter. >> first this morning's tech bites. >>> keeping hacking a secret. computer systems of major companies like coca-cola have been hacked in the past few years chances are you never heard about it. the companies keep such news a secret, many of the attacks originate in china. three out of four smartphones sold in the third quarter ran on google's system apple's share increased the gap between android and apple phones widened. harry potter game uses knect, harry potter seems like a rehash of other games but does have one special gimmick. >> you can scan your face using the sensor into the game and kind of star as one of the wizards in the game. >> game has 25 [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded ad
rain. down pours and break. you can see where the showers are located. sunnyvale. south of fremont. you can see some of the streets. central expressway. north and east of sunnyvale, you are wet. closer, over here, rainy conditions and more showers, mission boulevard in fremont. that is the story. scattered showers. and those showers remain through the night. weave another wave -- we have another wave around 10:00 p.m. tonight. not heavy but it is wet and slowing you on the roadways. cool out there as well. lower snow levels. we are going to see temperatures cool for having clouds. 40 napa. 41 santa rosa. there will be cool conditions tomorrow morning. another chance for light showers on friday. here is the system. here is your friday. chance of a shower. saturday, the low moves off but the cold air lingers. saturday morning, saturday morning, freezing levels in the morning. frost possible as well. unusual weather. it feels like a -- to me, feels like a march storm than a november storm. here is what we have. 9:00 p.m. tonight. another round of showers. showers around 11:00 p.m. towards
raining overnight and there could be some standing water there. let's go to tara moriarty in fremont with one one of the biggest wrecks this morning. >> reporter: the chp had two cars towed a half hour ago. the road is nearly dry but at 2:00 in the morning, it is wet and that is what the chp says played a major role in this crash. it appears the person driving the white saturn had a solo spin out and slammed into the median and the driver of a silver suv came along and hit the saturn. the driver of the saturn was outside his car. he suffered a massive head injury and was transported to the hospital. the chp issued a sig alert. everything is back open now but there is another reminder why you need to slow down in the rain. sometimes it's not safe to even drive the speed limit. i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the skies opened up in the middle of the night, a ktvu news camera took these pictures of marble sized hail falling on oakland overnight and it made driving conditions extremely treacherous. bad weather is also being blamed for a wreck on highway 13 in oakland. it happe
and south towards union city and fremont moderate rain now the winds have been a big factor gusting to 30 and 40 miles an hour. this rain pushing into the east bay and oakland now. still, rain to the west and woodside, 280, 101 through sunnyvale, watch out cupertino getting into heavier rain now. off the coast pescadero, santa cruz picking up rain. wind gusts up to 32 miles an hour, san jose still airport delays and wind advisory extended into 2:00 this afternoon for wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour. >>> the coast and in particular pacifica, has been pounded by ferocious winds and rain most of the morning. more than 1,000 are in the dark there. katie marzullo is live on palmetto avenue in pacifica what is happening? >> reporter: this is palmetto at carmel, behind me, you can see pg&e crews on scene more than 1100 customers lost power afternoon 9 a.m.. a piece of equipment at the top of that pole blew and was dangling dangerously now crews have to work in the stormy weather to fix it that probably caused it. it is not business as usual in pacifica in morning. >> big flash of light, then t
a good downpour here. dublin 580 and south towards union city and fremont moderate rain now the winds have been a big factor gusting to 30 and 40 miles an hour. this rain pushing into the east bay and oakland now. still, rain to the west and woodside, 280, 101 through sunnyvale, watch out cupertino getting into heavier rain now. off the coast pescadero, santa cruz picking up rain. wind gusts up to 32 miles an hour, san jose still airport delays and wind advisory extended into 2:00 this afternoon for wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour. >>> the coast and in particular pacifica, has been pounded by ferocious winds and rain most of the morning. more than 1,000 are in the dark there. katie marzullo is live on palmetto avenue in pacifica what is happening? >> reporter: this is palmetto at carmel, behind me, you can see pg&e crews on scene more than 1100 customers lost power afternoon 9 a.m.. a piece of equipment at the top of that pole blew and was dangling dangerously now crews have to work in the stormy weather to fix it that probably caused it it is not business as usual in pacifica in mo
live from the store in fremont with the details. good morning. what did is mean for shoppers. >> it means the workers don't want customers to to shop here. they don't want money going into these stores until their contract is figured out. this picket line you are seeing at this store in fremont is the meat cutters. the meat cutners this store are members of the united food workers union. they are encouraging customers not to shop here. it is a different scenario at each store across northern california, central california and nevada. some grocery workers are members of unions and are not working. at this particular raley's, grocery workers are not union members. they are being told to cross the picket line and come in or otherwise they are told they will lose their jobs. this camps after intense negotiations with the federal mediators, but contract talks have been in the work for 15 months. they are battling over a proposed wage frees, the eelimination of premium pay for sunday shifts and healthcare benefits. the dispute involves 7,000 union members, 128raley's, knob hill and
and it doubles during the holidays >>> well, fremont police have launched an unusual investigation. they are trying to find the owners of a briefcase containing one couple's very special memories. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman on how you may be able to help crack the case. >> reporter: it's a major metropolis our bay area but sometimes someone breaks through the noise to show we may in fact just be mayberry. with opie and andy skipping rocks down near the creek. >> something very sentimental and obviously very precious to them. >> reporter: fremont police opened the case yesterday literally. they opened a briefcase. turned in to them found at a child care center parking lot. it's their wedding album from 2008 binded in a briefcase. what happened, fight, divorce, someone flung it out of a moving car? >> suspect it was probably stolen and they just abandoned it. >> reporter: part of a bigger burglary figures police property manager carol peterson. today fremont police put an advisory out on its 7,000 strong alert system because they don't know who vijay and ran it are. -- and ranjit a
from the east bay. >>> an officer-involved shooting under investigation in fremont this morning. the investigation has central avenue closed near glen more this morning. a naked man armed with a knife refused to stop chasing his wife so the police shot and killed him. both officers are on paid leave. >>> and new morning, a fire tears through a nail salon in pleasant hill. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the scene and tells us why investigators believe that this fire is suspicious. good morning, cate. >>> reporter: it's what they found when they first got here that tipped them off. investigators are actually still here on the scene of the fire. contra costa fire investigator says he is right now sifting through the rubble looking for more evidence. but when firefighters first got here they found a molotov cocktail or homemade incendiary device just outside the nail salon or the magic touch salon. investigators found the fire was contained just to this business. and they were able to find out where it started. but at this point, they still don't know what sparked the blaze. >>
in fremont. ktvu janine de la vega joins us now from the scene. this is add central -- at central avenue. this started as a domestic dispute? >> reporter: it appears that way. police are still on the scene processing it. they are actively investigating. they have both sides of the street closed here at central avenue and glen more drive. for about a city block it's closed. that is because they are investigating this shooting that happened in the apartment complex where you see all those police cars parked. this happened at 11:00 last night. they received a call from a woman two told dispatchers her husband was attacking her roommate. he was chasing one of them with a knife. when police aryed they found the woman and roommate fleeing the apartment and found the man chasing them. police tell us he was naked and holding a knife and that is when officers told the man to drop the knife. he didn't and so that is why officers felt that they had to shoot him. we're not -- we're unsure how many times he was shot. we are told he died of his injuries. at this point we foe that two officers who were
's beautiful out! >>> fremont police are trying to piece together what led up to a violent confrontation between a naked man and officers. it ended when officers fatally shot the man around 11:00 last night. janine -- janine da law vega has more formion -- janine da law vega has more information -- janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: tori, you can see some of theon neighbors left plowers here at the doorway. the police surrounded this town home complex on central avenue this morning. ga gathering evidence. officers received the call of the roommate of the woman who lives here. >> officers arrived and found a female who was later identified as our victim running out of the unit with her husband, pursuing her. he was naked with a knife in his hand. >> reporter: neighbors heard several gunshots. >> they were really close together. it happened quickly. >> i see a police officer running that way and they ordered somebody too get on the ground -- somebody to get on the ground. >> reporter: police say they ordered the man to drop his weapon and when they refused he shot them -- they shot h
be especially careful heading to work. >>> the chp spent hours cleaning up a traffic mess. on 880 in fremont. it was a bad crash that sent one man to the hospital with severe injuries. tara moriarty is in fremont where things are getting better out there. it was pretty bad out there? >> reporter: yes, it was. the good news, it's no longer raining. the road seems drive. we're here on 880 northbound. this is near the mission boulevard exit. this crash is a good reminder why you need to slow down. around 2:00 in the morning, the chp says the rain-slicked roads played a big factor in the roads. it appears the person driving a white sedan had a soro -- solo spinout and then the driver of the silver car crashed into the vehicle. the driver was ejected. he did suffer a massive head injury and was transported to the hospital. reportedly, he's in good condition. the chp had much of these -- much of these lanes shut down. they ran a traffic break for two hours. everything is back to normal. obviously you want to take it slow, especially with more rain in the forecast. live in fremont, tara moriarty, k
and around the east bay around the fremont area. that darker shade of green, you can count on heavier downpours closer to union city, also out towards skylark, niles boulevard and school street. as we shift the maps up here, you'll notice still some lingering rain showers in the east bay. here is hayward and it is showing you activity to the east toward hayward and around the castro valley area as well. you can put that out in the lower left of your screen. quite a bit of rain on the radar and we are expecting a different weather forecast for tomorrow. coming up we'll break down shower chances for tomorrow and talk about another system showing up in our five-day forecast. >>> now to daly city where crews say a hillside soaked by a water pipe break this week is holding steady. workers are checking the area regularly to make sure the netting and hay bales are put in place. several homes had to be evacuated after a pipe burst releasing 40,000 gallons of water. >>> our storm watch coverage continues online. there you you can access storm tracker at look for the link at the top o
>>> good morning. we have developing fews a deadly police shooting in fremont. why officers say they were forced to open fire. >>> we're live in oakland where a pickup truck plows into the middle of a fabric shop. we'll tell you what authorities believed sparked the accident. >>> election day now just hours away. why 800,000 bay area voters will not show up at the polls. >>> if you are kicking yourself saying i never got over the coast that is not true. today it will be very warm. >>> good morning, to you. we're ready. it's monday november 5th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson. >> friday would be an awful day for it. temperatures low to mid to upper 80s. we have high pressure and nice temperatures. 80s across the board. not just inland but the coast might be warmer. san francisco 85. which would be warmer than fairfield, livermore, and antioch. here is sal. intellect good morning. northbound 101 we have that fire that car fire and also a crash. watch out for slow traffic to have two lanes blocked there on northbound
in from montwhere police are -- we're live in fremont where police are in the middle of a deadly police shooting. >> reporter: a pleasant hill beauty salon goes up in flames overnight. investigators this morning have determined this was not an accident. what was found at the scene? what points to arson. >>> and a frightening scene in oakland, that involves an out- of control car. "mornings on 2" starts right now. >>> welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'mer to cam -- i'm tori campbell. >>> two police officers are on leave after shooting andkying a man overnight. it happened while they were responding to a domestic violence call. janine de la vega has new information from a neighbor about the deadly confrontation. >> reporter: well, we just moved our live trucks where you can see where this happened. just so now -- just so you know, the westbound traffic is closed because investigators are still gathering evidence inside this complex. they want to make sure this is a thorough investigation because this is -- is the first officer-involved shooting of the year. last night at ar
to be a bad commute out of pleasanton to fremont and san jose. moving along and taking a look at 880, it's been a little lighter than usual driving past the coliseum getting to the airport. there's still long-term parking available sat the oakland airport. the 101 peninsula looks good. you saw christien kafton up there monitoring the flights at sfo. some people have already been delayed but yesterday there was a big delay day. we'll be checking that for you and christien kafton will have another report coming up soon. >>> let's go to steve. >> correct. there are some areas getting some rain. others are getting a -- are gray. 60 in oakland. 45 in tahoe. there is a lot of cloud cover, even though some of that rain is ending. most of the rain looks to be ending. there's still some bursts of it. vacaville, fairfield back to oakland, east bay a little bit towards san jose. things look like they are winding, even to cloverdale, things not really popping up. there could be light rain. overall, the trend. a little bit of rain. union city, hayward, fremont, also over the sul noel grade. over san
. stay with us, thanks for joining us. >>> we are following breaking news out of fremont, police on the scene of a deadly shooting that involved two police officers and a domestic violence suspect. investigators say officers shot and killed a 37-year-old man from san jose, after he refused to drop a knife. police say the man was naked and chasing his wife on the street with the knife. it started 11:00 last night on central avenue. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get an update. >>> president obama and mitt romney are storming into the final day of campaigning. mr. obama holding rallies in wisconsin and iowa. romney will visit florida, virginia and new hampshire. the richest prize, no doubt ohio. today each will rally their supporters in columbus. the president will return to his home in chicago tonight. t.j. winick joins us from chicago. >> reporter: election day may not be until tomorrow, 27 million americans have already cast their vote. a scene of how close the obama campaign believes in could be the president appeared in new hampshire, which only has four electo
. bart delay some sort of insulation on the track. fremont line richmond fremont and millbrae directions 10 to 15 minute delays no other mass transit problems. oakland new accident southbound 880 at high solo spin-out. accident san jose blossom hill in the clearing sections. >>> 5:03. bay area residents were awakened by rare round of thunderstorms overnight and lightning strike has caused power outages in san francisco. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco. >> reporter: i'm at nowee valley at 24th and hoffman, pg&e confirms it was because of lightning strikes, lightning hit four trance morningers. i'm joined by one of the residents, julia dawson, what did it sound like? >> it sounded like a big bomb going off much larger than anything i've heard and i knew it had to be close itch >> reporter: did you know what it was? -- >> no. although did worry about it. there was only one explosion and not other one i decided to go back to bed. >> reporter: you don't have power? >> no. >> reporter: is it cold in the house? >> note yet, but it will be if they don't get it fixed. >> reporter: tell me
. the entire peninsula is going to be wet. this cell around fremont. let's take a look at the wall of water moving toward the center of your screen where i have san francisco positioned. it stretches all the way up to sonoma county coast. everybody is going to get wet during the morning commute at least by about 7:00. let's take a look at those temperatures, how should you dress? very mild. we still have four areas in the 40s. napa, fairfield and concord and livermore, everybody else in the low to mid-50s. monitor lay bay, mid-50s. gilroy, 61 in salinas. periods of rain throughout the weekend. with high elevation and snow in the sierra. sue tells me you don't need chains and it may be easier to get through than it would normally be with a snowstorm developing in the higher country. chance of rain possibly in the next week but this is big deal in the seven-day forecast. here is the first storm, moving toward us, lifting mechanism and moves through we have best chance. some who had rat and heavy rain. here is how it pans out. you can see the waves coming through the lunch hour. stronger wave
the breeding ground and show you what's being done to protect us. >>> caught on camera in fremont. the bold thief who stole a package off this porch and how you can keep yourself from becoming a victim this holiday season. n >>> more now on our developing story of that search at an oakland quarry. here's a live picture of the scene. the fire department is leading the search for that man who apparently fell from a steep side to the water. the man reportedly went out to look for his cat and never returned. the alameda sheriff's dive team is now preparing to search the water. >> reporter: police in fremont are doing something they have never done before to try to catch a thief. they are putting surveillance video of a burglary on you tube. ktvu's matt keller is here now with the case that shows a woman stealing a package right off the porch of a home. >> reporter: i just spoke to fremont police and they tell us so far they have not made an arrest in this case. as officers warn more thefts of packages could be coming this holiday season. >> reporter: this is video from trevor fiatal's torch and
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